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The Kabuki Works X Sake Lovers JP

Sake Sake is the brainchild collaboration between The Kabuki Works and Japan-based Sake Lovers Inc, born out of the desire to help Japanese breweries through difficulties, and to expand and elevate the sphere of sake and Japanese alcoholic beverages as a whole.

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Reuben Oh is the Managing Partner of The Kabuki Works. He was awarded the Young Sake Ambassador of the Year 2021/22 under the Sake Sommeliers Association, is a fervent alcoholic, and is very, very big on the evangelisation of Japanese culture and its vast myriad of beverages.

Yuki Imanishi quit her job at an electric machinery maker where she had worked for years, and started her own company, Sake Lovers Inc, to support small craft sake breweries. She wants to understand the “sentiment” that small sake breweries have in common, and to support sake breweries by cultivating sales channels. Out of the 1000-odd sake breweries in Japan, she has visited 250 of them. 

Kyoko Nagano works with Yuki Imanishi at Sake Lovers to support and expand the knowledge and sales of sake. She is the founder and CEO of mypal.JP, which supports Japanese cultural teachers and artists, and is also the director of Hakko Farm Inc, a company that expounds on Japan’s fermentation culture.

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